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      Brand Profile

      Brand introduction on Dental Doctor
      Brand “Dental Doctor” belongs to Guangzhou Qiancai Cosmetics Co., Ltd., a leading enterprise in China toothpaste industry, whose domestic sales channels cover international chain hypermarkets represented by Wal-Mart and Carrefour, and regional chain stores such as Vanguard and Trust-Mart etc, exporting to over 30 countries or economic entities in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Middle East, Russia and South America etc.

      In October 2010, through 11 years of elaborate research and experiment by Dental Doctor expert team and authority oral institution, the "Ad med" series toothpaste of Dental Doctor high-end brand was successfully developed. In December the same year, Huang Xiaoming was invited as spokesman, and the Company operated with entertainment program “Star Boulevard” of CCTV3 for advertisement, which opened a new chapter for Dental Doctor launching in high-end brand.

      Development course of brand Dental Doctor
      2012.06 Dental Doctor cooperated with the Guangdong Provincial Stomatology hospital to carry out clinical test for the toothpaste efficacy.
      2011.12.26 Guangdong Administration of Industry and Commerce announced at website that the third class trademark “Dental Doctor” was identified as Guangdong famous trademark.
      2010.12  Dental Doctor invited Mr. Huang Xiaoming international superstar to join who became the first oral health ambassador of Dental Doctor promoting its professional oral care idea and education in China.
      2010.10 High-end “Ad med” series product came into the market.
      2009.02 Dental Doctor cooperated with the Stomatology Medical College of Shanghai Jiaotong University to carry out laboratory test and clinical test on its toothpaste efficacy.
      2008.11 Dental Doctor successfully signed a contract with Mr. Chen Yibing, the double champion of Beijing Olympics to be new generation of spokesperson.
      The beginning of 2008 Dental Doctor toothpaste stationed in Carrefour, Wal-Mart, Trust-Mart and other major international chain supermarkets.
      The end of 2004 Trademark Dental Doctor formally registered in domestic.
      2003.04 Dental Doctor signed with famous film star Chen Derong who became the first brand image spokesperson of Dental Doctor.
      The end of 2001 America Dental Doctor Oral Care Products Co., Ltd formally signed with Guangzhou Qiancai Cosmetics Co., Ltd to establish America Dental Doctor Oral Care Products (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.

      Introduction on Brand Yida
      Brand Yida is a oral care trademark obtained by Qiancai International through legal means in August 20, 2010, protected by law, with "xylitol anti-cavity" as main function of selling point. Since new brand Yida has been officially listed in October 2010, it has been received by consumers and dealers, which proves broad market prospect of the brand toothpastes. Therefore, Qiancai International continued to invest, developing Yida toothpaste aiming at distribution channel with large sum of money. The product was officially marketed in June 2011, continuously creating brilliant performance of brand Yida. Since then, brand Yida has possessed a product system of two different channels, "terminal" and "channel”, which establish a competitive position in oral care product market.

      Brand system
      Brand positioning:create professional brand for xylitol anti-cavity
      Brand personality:fashionable, sunshine, sweet
      Target group:younger generation concerning about oral health
      Extra idea:natural xylitol anti-cavity toothpaste can effectively neutralize oral acidity, and maintain oral healthy and balanced.
        Address: Beixing Industrial Park, Huadong Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong,China
        Tel: 020-86799866 86799399 Fax: 020-86796122